P - Z (A - H / I - O)


Partisan do we lie in wait or lie in hiding?
I can't see the struggle for the dust
In camouflage the witch and priest are still deciding
Hostage kneel in tribute to their lust

Partisan you’re a martyr saint, your brother’s keeper
But me, I’ve lost the faith to make the leap   
The enemy makes deals to turn the steel in deeper
Speaks in tongues and profits when we sleep

Suddenly if your mind is fixed your love seems stolen
Fading like a diamond in the wine
Partisan beneath these weeds no seeds have swollen
The cause is dead there's no-one holds this line



Well you snuck up when I weren't lookin'
I saw heaven and it was walkin'
And weavin' a spell, touches turn to gold
Just one prize and just one winner
I was gone, I was had for dinner
Yeah the heat came on like I was on a stove

I want you girl, your face a curtain
That light shines on and nothin's certain
When you have your love and get to eat it too
Where can one hide?  Is there no resistance
To believe like this without assistance?
Play it again, you were my dream come true

I broke the rules, what was I thinkin'?
I heard music 'cause you were talkin'
When you stole my heart I was your partner in that crime
Come back dear I'll take up prayin'
'til you wear white, the organ playin'
The days will drag like I'm just doin' time

 But you say please don't
 You say please don't fall in love



The curtain falls, a book is shut, there's dust on all the shelves
The carpet's marked from where her mirror stood
The dark pours in the window, carries music from the bar
That somehow now will never sound so good

I long to hear her voice tonight but she's unplugged her phone
So this is what it's like to care too late
And the light blurs from the TV screen as it passes through my beer
A flower's dead beside an empty plate

 Lies, pretty lies, oh that woman's lies seemed sweet
 When she told me that she loved me more than him
 Lies, pretty lies, oh that woman's lies seemed sweet
 Now our lovin' scenes and wedded dreams grow dim

The dress lies on another floor, the rings have both been sold
I wonder if he's found our letters yet
I'm gonna dry this bottle, got some ghosts to wash away
That woman's lies seem too sweet to forget



What did you do today in the private house?
What did you do today in the private house?
Were you the one who sat on an empty bed?
Were you the one – red, red on red?

Where do you keep your eyes when the show is on?
Where do you keep your eyes when the show is on?
Are you the kind who looks when the curtain's drawn?
Are you the kind who follows from town to town?



The fortune told was right, there's a storm outside tonight
The trees a-shake, the leaves are spinnin' tonight
When the curtain moves it seems unreal
I say forget it girl ev'rythin' should be allright

The oily darkness bites, we've got no moon tonight
It's at least five hours 'til mornin' comes with the light
It's time to brave the stairs and ring up your best friend
He'll say calm down darlin' it all turns out allright

Just shake a chicken!
Draw a cross that's upside down
Shake a chicken
'til the river falls and we can get to you from town

It's a flashin' sky that growls and the herd has taken fright
The floorboards rattle, the earth sleeps rough tonight
It seems obscene but the storm keeps comin'
Just grab that hen ev'rythin's gonna be allright

Yeah shake a chicken!
Draw a cross that's upside down
Shake a chicken
'til the river falls and we can get to you from town



There's things about this I ain't sure of
I'm tellin' you girls I'm a-gamblin'
He's been dragged from the bar by my gun-totin' pa
And I'm marryin' a man who likes ramblin'

He's borrowed the ring I'll be wearin'
His shoes and suit look donated
'though research has shown women cope well alone
To this rollin' stone I'll be mated

So beware of those silk-tongues and charmers
'cause at night a man can seem good-lookin'
But in the light of the day feel the width of his pay
And mind he likes children and cookin'



Woman you left me flat
To change your life for somethin' new
You made me cry but that's history
Things aren't the same and I don't miss you

North of the river
Don't ya dare to look for me
Darlin' Ruth you know three's a crowd
And you won't find me lonely

 Since you left me Ruth I've been so ruthless
 Yeah I've changed a lot since you walked out that door
 Since you left me Ruth I've been so ruthless
 So ruthless Ruth that I don't want you no more

Burnin' cash like paper
This loser's started winnin'
I've been kickin' up those Cuban heels
It's a job to stop grinnin'



Good night sweet baby
Thank you for your love
Don't say, don't say anything more
I'm leaving, don't ask me

Don't ask me questions
My answers can't please you
Don't fight, don't fight for my love
Now there's nothing you can offer

- Don't hide your ears
Theres nothing I can do to dry your tears

So that's all, accept it
Do believe in me now
When you look and I'm no longer here
Just forget sweet that you knew me



I’ve been thinking now of you, all the things you’ve been put through
More troubles than seems fair, more tears than your share
Your angel stumbles ‘cross the room blinded by the gloom
But I’m hoping from today things’ll turn your way
And if I haven’t done enough to help you when it’s rough
From here along the road, well I’ll be sharing the load

I can promise this to you, your wishes will come true
Holding back the tide I’m here by your side
They’re nearer than it seems, don’t lose vision of your dreams
You’ll see the rising light collapses the night
Golden sunshine fill your sky, a bed of roses where you lie
The best days will begin. Hey that’s your ship sailin’ in!



Just stay sleepin’ and I’ll drive
Wake you up when we arrive
And while you’re rockin’ off the wine
You’ll have a dream but I’ll make it mine

The lizard tongue extends a sound
In the tyre drone along the ground
The rubber peels up off the tar
She lies beside here in this car

- And through the screen, through burnin’ rings
In Satan’s lounge some clown that sings
The faces blink along the line into sneers
The bourbon to the carpet drip
While on his tail these leeches sip
They know the scene they’ve done those lines for years

She’s stepping  forward with a ring
The poxy prince becomes a king
And his thorny bride’s my dreamy rose
Hey that’s enough and so it goes

High up to the lookout park
We’ll see it’s spine rise from the dark
She rubs her eyes and shakes her hair
Yes  that’s the sea, we’re almost there



In my dream you don't love me
In my dream you're not around
What's real has disappeared somewhere
Down's up and up is down
In my dream we're less than strangers
It's an R.E.M. like hell
Wake me up oh sweet, sweet darlin'
'cause I'm not sleepin' well

In my dream you up and left me
We're ten bad miles apart
You can't believe how it feels real
To dream a broken heart
In my dream you've got another girl
The sandman’s brought the news
Wake me up oh sweet, sweet darlin'
From these Rip Van Winkle blues

 Wake me up to you beside me
 Chime those bells and bugles blow
 Wake me up it's way past sunrise
 Wind the clock and let it crow

In my dream you've gone to dance class
With some pirates off TV
The cannibals look famished
They've got big eyes on me
In my dream the crater's growlin'
You're French kissin' Vera Lynn!
Wake me up oh sweet, sweet darlin'
To this little bed we're in



Does anyone here know where Annie's gone?
Do you know what plans she's got?
She's grabbed her things and she's disappeared
And saying nothing means a lot

Three nights goin' crazy
You think she'd call to explain
Maybe she's with her friends up North
Caught that daylight train

 There were some times
 There were promises made
 There were secrets exchanged in our room
 Now not so much as a word of goodbye
 Just a fading trace of perfume

Does anyone here know where Annie's gone?
Have you seen her with some guy?
Well I'll never get used to this
When love that's true becomes a lie



Well the wife of Mason Kelly
Gonna wear some pretty clothes
When I'm married to the sherriff
Get to buy some beads and bows

I've been past the sherriff's office
And it's true the tales I heard
‘cause I caught old Mason lookin'
He just grins without a word

I've been livin' with the blacksmith
And the soup was gettin' thin
So I done gone got this shotgun
And I'll do the beggar in

I'm not fussed about a hangin'
I'm not scared of that no more
When I'm married to the sherriff
Won't be caught by any law

He can frame the smithy's brother
I'll be lyin' with my mouth
Then they'll take him to the station
For the jail the next stop South



This bar is like some theatre, your speech is like a dove
To play your part just a word and a glance
There's a situation here we gotta rise above
 'cause ain't this love like two thieves in a trance? 
Bustin' through the window is a neon stream
That lights your face as we move in a dance

Spent one too many ev'nin's at the wrong hotel
I couldn't wait for the cam'ra to pan
Some thunder in the distance but it's all good news 'round here
Well it's been years since the shit hit the fan
And these aren't tears in my glass my love
They've just watered down the beer
I'd give my soul to get placed in your plan



You can let it out but not to squeal
Have love around a Roman wheel
And I’ll watch when you fix your hair
The wine’s all gone but I don’t care
You can say bonjour and just sit there
You can kiss him quick and knot the chain
But you won’t catch me out again

Well you like a change but you won’t beg
Just twist my arm and pull me leg
Straight girls all tread crooked line
That statue smile is just like mine
You can stick it where the sun don’t shine
You can quit this town and catch a train
But you won’t catch me out again



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